What we do. 


Here at Pacific Science Solutions, we are climate science experts with significant experience in climate technology, tools and applications as well equipment and infrastructure.

We tailor guidance to our client’s needs and capacities (both institutional and technological). We also offer solutions to climate-based problems including policy required to address changing climate conditions, advice and applications for industry (ie. fisheries and tourism) on what climate information to use when mitigating or adapting to climate conditions.

We advise on where best to build capacity in climate services that will address a country’s, a territory’s or a region’s specific issues.

With significant experience in Climatology, Agroclimatology, Engineering, Procurement and Business Administration, Pacific Science Solutions (PSS) is able to assist a wide set of clients with their climate challenges.

We have a large base of experts and consultant across many fields that work with them on the projects that they undertake. PSS understands that countries’ livelihoods, lives and environment are at risk but with cutting-edge practice and policy nations can diminish these losses.

Among the projects we have completed in this category are: