What we do. 


Pacific Science Solutions works with Regional agencies (ie. SPREP, SPC), National Designated Authorities and international bodies (such as WMO, UNEP UNDP) to write a variety of funding proposals. The proposals are complex and lengthy documents containing extensive information that requires high-level research and collaboration with specialists, government agencies, community and NGO, industry and economic advice.

To complete a proposal, a desktop analysis is required and often in-country consultations, stakeholder engagements, reporting and rewriting drafts in order to reach consensus approval. The proposal will often have several Annexes, which may include some or all of the following, economic, analysis, gender analysis, procurement plans, operations plans, budgets, institutional compliance evidence, monitoring and evaluation procedures and exit strategies.

In 2020 PSS completed consultations for UNEP for a 5 Country GCF proposal to the Green Climate Fund (GCF). The proposal was for 49.9 million and was approved on 10 November of this year by the GCF.

Amongst our most recent funding proposal projects in this area are: